I welcome everyone to the network of sites https://vi.it-vab.ru
A network of sites was created for educational purposes of the theme functionality with a version for the visually impaired (with responsivevoice speech synthesizer support). All subdomains of the network of sites https://vi.it-vab.ru use the same theme in various design options. No plug-ins and services are used in the network of sites https://vi.it-vab.ru, with the exception of a speech synthesizer and weather informer, whose requests are executed only at the right time.

Responsivevoice works wen activated controls volume, highlighting the text, hovering over the mouse, or focusing controls according to the API, provided that the speech synthesizer is activated in the corresponding topic settings section without connecting service scripts.
The weather informer in the upper panel updates the data once every two hours, when the informer is activated in the customizer of theme (API).

All the functionality that you will find on the network of sites https://vi.it-vab.ru is an integral part of the topic and has the ability to be configured in the appropriate section of the topic, including disabling / enabling / adding / removing.

The transition between domains is made through the menu in the upper «+» panel – the most multifunctional and informative menu of the topic. Custom fields are designed for it, in which, in addition to the standard description of the link, you can add a text field as a description title, or add either an image or video to the description. By default, the menu does not process «pjax» requests, as it was originally intended for transition between domains, but «pjax» request support can be activated in the corresponding section, or you can add an individual link that «pjax» will process. To do this, when making a link, you must add the appropriate class to the menu item.

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